Orion Moonwalker

A thrill seeking monk set out to explore the world!


Orion Moonwalker lived his life in a secluded tribe of Wood Elf who had settled in the Deep Woods of Faerun. The game and resources were bountiful and the copious amounts of brush served as a way to dissuade enemies from approaching. But while life was good Orion felt he was missing something in his life, but couldn’t grasp what…

Years passed and Orion decided to leave his tribe and discover his own path. Leaving on his pilgrimage Orion learned the way of the world but still felt, for lack of a better word, “lost”. It was then he decided maybe he needed some spiritual guidance on his journey and Joined a Monastery. Orion spent years soul searching and learning the ways of the Monk when he received a vision; He saw himself, in a group he couldn’t make out, confronting a great darkness which threatened to destroy everything. It was then he realized what his purpose was. He was to fight the forces of evil and protect the weak! and so he left to continue his training while also kicking bad guy butt!

Orion Moonwalker

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