Horde of the Dragon Queen (401)

Episode 5: The Carnath Roadhouse
Roadhouse Rumble

It was a time of madness, the party was split managing the deceased carriage driver, and keeping the civilians in the caravan at bay, while Leafy narrowly avoided what would have been a rather dangerous confrontation with the hooded cultist. Back to the rest of the party as they made to inspect the body of the driver, a smaller group of Dragon Cultist break off and confronted the part, “It was you, you killed our friend!”, they claimed, the group was taken aback by this accusation and responded immediately and dismissively pressuring the cultists to back down and return to their allies. Still confused by the events that just took place and also attempting to solve the murder mystery of the driver, Jamna Gleamsilver, their recent Gnomish acquaintance approached them from the shadows and thanked them for their well timed “distraction”, as realization dawning upon the group they broke into a debate of her allegiances fell, half the group argued to kill her and spare the headache, while the other half spoke of her rare, yet prominent, uses. However Broski took this time to examine the Gnome Assassin and flashed her a quick hand gesture of the Zhentarim which she quickly shot down wishing to maintain her cover, confirming to Broski who she was, at that point he joined the side wishing to keep her around and convinced the group to leave it be for now. Resuming travels, the caravan then completed it’s journey and safely arrived at the grand City of Waterdeep.

Now safe from any immediate threats, the party took this time to to explore the City and take a little time to themselves to unwind from the long journey. Broski’s first and last stop was to the Yawning Portal where he could get hammered, Orion went to go stock up on equipment necessary to actually use his new Longbow along with an order for an all black hooded tunic and pants which the tailor was able to produce for him with minor adjustments, the rest of the party the rest of the group went sightseeing taking in the many attraction of Waterdeep and seeing if they could learn any information that could be valuable to them. Some time in the mid afternoon the party reconvened at the Yawning Portal Inn where Broski was still knocking back drinks like a champ, not even a minute after they sat down, Laeosin the Monk barged in glad to see they were all safe. He had apparently been searching for them during the better part of the day not expecting them to be at the meeting place, but this confused the group because they had not heard of any such meeting due to no one being able to find them earlier. As they waited more allies entered including Ontharr Frume who then introduced them to the faction representatives Laeral Silverhand of the Lords Alliance and Delaan Winterhound of the Emerald Enclave. Discussions began and information was passed along the party learned that the powerful spellcaster that Leafy escaped was a man named Azbara Jos and that he is well renowned in the Dragon Cult. It was also brought to their knowledge that the Dragon Cult has never been this disruptive before, and while they have revived smaller drakes in the past their actions now are unprecedented. Information arose of the Zhentarim, at first they had made it clear that they had not wanted any part of this attack on the Dragon Cult, but had offered their services once they learned of the wealth of the Dragon Cultists and that they had sent an insurgent to scout at this the group, minus Broski, paled at what this implied, putting the pieces together they insinuated that Jahma was that very same insurgent and after much debate and Broski barely keeping his cover, the party begrudgingly agreed that she would be more useful working with them than against them; No sooner had the confirmation escaped their lips Jahma Gleamsilver dropped form the rafters, apparently waiting in hiding. After things settled down a bit Laeral Silverhand stepped forward telling them all that the cultist have continued going even further North and were traveling along the High Road and that they were to follow them at the top of the morning, but for now the group enjoyed a party to celebrate they were food and drinks and a slightly disappointed Davgore who had challenged Ontharr to an arm wrestle and failed to come out victorious.

After a great and well deserved rest in a comfortable bed the group moved out and were back on the road more a few more days. Leafy took the lead on a crusade against birds, joined by Aelar and Broski as they killed as many birds as they had cultists in the few days of travel. Orion seeing his party on their bird hunt decided to step away and converse with Jamna, as he called out for her in a forrest clearing she appeared on a branch overheard Orion, impressed by the level of stealth she showed, asked her to learn as much as she could and report to the group if there were any strange movements within the Dragon Cult, he even offered to compensate her for the trouble and before he knew it she was out of sight, and that his coin pouch was noticeably lighter. Davgore, still feeling down after his loss, felt the need to reassert his dominance over the group by challenging them all to arm wrestles, he came out of the day with a record of 3-1 making quick work of Aelar and Leafy, nearly breaking Orion’s arm and just barely losing to his Orcish brother Broski. The ride ended with few actual encounters as the party had reached their next stop, The Carnath Roadhouse.

The Party entered the roadhouse coming face to face with the Bogluck the caretaker of the establishment he offered rooms for the night and to store any valuables in his storeroom. As the group mingled and recovered from their travels Orion scouted the area on the upper floor seeing all the rooms lined up and Bogluck’s door locked Orion would try to enter as he went attempted to make it out of his own window and onto the roof he accidentally fell out and gave it up rentering from the front door, which no one seemed to notice, while he was doing that however Leafy led the group with his charismatic nature learning that there had been a disturbance in the past couple of nights in the store room and it was keeping him awake. The night went on and the group was soon looking to retire for the night, when a group of individuals they didn’t recognize came from upstairs and approached the group, “you killed our friend”, shouted one of them vaguely resembling an angry monkey, Orion instantly remembered who this man was, for it was the very same Dragon Cultist from the Caravan, but feigned ignorance hoping to that this wouldn’t come down to violence but was soon forced to realize it the hard way as the cultist smacked him across the face, Orion’s training kicked in as he retaliated in kind, however when his assailant drew his curved sword Leafy spurred into action unleashing a devastating clap of thunder to the cultists back up, Orion try as he may was overpowered by the cultist and had fallen unconscious, seeing his friend go down Aelar tapped into his draconic heritage devastated the remaining cultists with a well placed fireball. The confrontation ended for all but leafy as he made to go finish the job on the leader of the their group, however the party stopped him and questioned his Alignments, sadly in the time they spent arguing the leader died of his injuries as leafy made his way to intimidate the remaining cultist survivors, after which he took the body and used a spell to call forth the spirit of the dead man, sadly after all this effort Leafy did not gain any new information as the spirit was vengeful and did not want to give the Tabaxian what he wanted. After a long and rather eventful evening the group finally went to their room and to sleep, however due to his elvish nature Orion woke up around 3 AM and heard the sound of movement beneath him as his thoughts went instantly to the store room, donning his new suit he made his way silently out of the window and saw Bogluck conversing with Lizard folk who were transporting goods from the store room onto a carriage, climbing onto the roof to gain a better vantage point he saw Jamna once more telling him that they were going to leave with the goods and that they should follow, seeing this for himself Orion told him to wake up his party as he jumped onto the carriage. The rest of the party was surprised when they were awoken by a grapple hook smashing through the glass window, dazed and confused they realized one thing very quickly, Orion was no where to be found…

Episode 4: On The Road
Intoxication and Infiltration

As the party returned from their most recent excursion they reunited with Orion, who had promptly wandered off before their destination, and Tharivol who had left the musty caves in opt of an evening of carnal pleasures. Once returned to Greenest the party met with Tarbaw Nighthill, who urged them to dispose of the evil dragon eggs, to which Broski promptly ate the dying dragon fetuses inside. Afterwards informed them that Leosin had headed north following the trail of the Dragon Cult, he had left them horses and supplies for the journey where they would meet more of his allies, but before they left the party was approached by a strange cat man named, Leaf on the Wind (Leafy), who wanted to join them on their quest being called into action by his fellow Harpers.

After days of travel on horseback, a few of which were aptly named, our heroes arrived at the town of Elturel where they met with Ontharr Frume, the human paladin Leosin had told them about not long ago. After being briefed on the situation and the current alliance between the factions of the party decided to take a well earned rest for the evening and mingled with the crowds. The boisterous Broski got into quite a few drinking contests with Tharivol handling the bets, Davgore and Aelar sat silently drinking in at the bar and Orion and Leafy spotted a few of their brothers in the Harpers. Leafy taking a far more direct approach he failed to follow through with his musical talents, while Orion took a subtle approach passing the faction members cups with a hastily etched symbol which earned him their good graces for honoring their factions discretion.

Well rested the group made their way to the docks first thing in the morning and traveled by boat to infiltrate the caravan of the Dragon Cultist who are currently headed north towards Baldurs Gate but that is as far as their intelligence goes, hence the undercover operations. The group was able to seamlessly integrate themselves with the caravan with everyone earning a working role within it, with the exception Oliver who disguised himself as a traveling performer, and with that they were on their way.

A few days of travel passed when the caravan came across a man who had been buried up to his head, upon investigation the group learned he was a Harpers agent who was apart of a previous caravan and that he had been discovered during their travels and left for dead. The party was hesitant about his joining them due to his identity being know but chose to let him stay as long as he was discreet with any actions he took. The party moved on.

More days passed and something felt awry as the caravan was attacked by avian monsters which seemed to have a taste for Orion, but due to a quick response from the party and powerful spell casting from Tharivol the creatures perished almost as fast as they appeared. After they took rank and made sure everyone was alright, the caravan marched on.

After many more days of their travels the party noticed figures in the distance, not wanting to mix up civilians in the incoming confrontation the group held back the caravan and neared, with Leafy and the disguised Oliver following “stealthily” from withing the tree line. They found a merchant in well dressed clothes was being attacked by bandits and swiftly went to defend him the party fought while Orion prioritized the safety of the merchant, albeit dislocating his arm in the process, and were able to fend them off without any casualties, though Tharivol lost his interest after realizing the merchant only dressed well and was far from being an actual Noble.

A couple days later, the group noticed a Gnome sneaking around the caravan peeking into the different carts not being stealthy at all, part of the group confronted her and was able to convince her that they were keeping record on the cultists action. She met them and told them she was a spy for the Harpers and that she will be keeping a eye from the shadows, but before she left Tharivol had the audacity to attempt to pet the Gnome on the head not understanding what a what the action had entailed and was promptly bitten in response to the action. The Gnome didn’t wait long to reappear as she approached the party was eating to warn them that their meal was poisoned. Feeling that the Dragon Cult was on the move Orion coerced Broski and the Disguised Oliver into the woods with a clever ruse and “killed” Oliver’s false identity and giving him cult robes to change into to go even deeper under cover as a cultist, but as the trio emerged from the brush they were greeted with panic, as the body of a cart driver was discovered. Broski and Orion cordoned off the area and calmed the others, while Leafy attempted to sneak into a cultist cart he was stopped by a rather powerful looking spell caster.

Cliff Hanger

Episode 3: The Dragon Hatchery
Delve into darkness

Governor Nighthill greeted the adventurers upon there return to to Greenest. He pays their 250 gold pieces each as promised, publicly praising there courage and daring. After having a night’s rest to recover, Leosin asks for the aid of the hero’s once again. He would like the adventurers to return to the camp and keep an eye out for any new activity, and report back when they established where the raiding party was heading next. Leosin would be heading to the town of Elturel to pass on what he had discovered so far to interested factions. Leosin would be there for about a tenday, and informed the hero’s they could contact a paladin by the name of Ontharr Frume, if he had already moved on for payment. Either way there would be 150 gold for each hero upon a successful mission. Having been able to mingle with the raiders camp once, he’s confident that the adventurers can do it again. Orian came along but got lost in the woods along the way, what shenanigans Orian got up too many never be known.

The party set out and had no trouble making their way back to the raiders camp. However, upon arrival were shocked to find the camp abandoned. All that remained was a few hunters sitting around the camp fire. Many tents had been left and half burned, garbage and debris as far as the eyes could see. The adventurers had not realized how shocking the disappearance of Leosin in the night had been. Rezmir had known about Leosins investigation through various agents, but had not been able to find out exactly how much Leosin knew. The raiders camp was packed up and scattered when Leosin’s escape was discovered. There were tracks scattered in all directions. The party was able to establish by talking with the hunters that some raiders had stayed behind in the cave at the far end of the canyon. Rumor had it that there were dragon eggs inside. They were to hatch soon, and transportation would be too dangerous. Tharivol donning his cultists cloak obtained the night before and attempted to gain entry into the cave. A true cultists came forward to talk, and was quickly able to see past Tharivols disguise, him having said he was sent by the Queen… the same queen The Cult of the Dragon was attempting to summon. Tharivol and his party were invited to come into the cave for “lunch”… The party realizing the gig was up and were surely being led into a trap attacked first. Two large Dragonclaws, elite cultists fighters jumped from the shadow to attack. Followed by screech and quick footsteps from three terrifying Guard Drakes. After a hard fought battle, the Guard Drakes sharp talons reminded Tharivol he had partied to hard the night before, and wasn’t feeling to well, leaving the brave four remaining heroes to carry on. Davgor the decapitator, Broski the bold, Aelar the antisocial, and Oliver the oddly charismatic cleric fearlessly entered the dragon hatchery.

The quiet drip echoed in the cave, a dank smell pierced the adventurer’s noses, the cave continued to get darker as they delved deeper into the darkness. The adventures came across a steep drop of about ten feet, and looked out upon a garden of fungus. Mushrooms hearing up to a mans height. To the right a set of stars had been cut into the rock. Three adventurers jumped down the ten-foot cliff into the fungus garden, Oliver decided to take the stairs, the lowest steps collapsing to a ramp that dumped Oliver right at the base of violet fungi. These six-foot mushroom with long tentacles slashed at Oliver as soon he fell in front of them. Oliver could feel a narcotic touch draining his life, as he went unconscious. The rest of the party jumped to action seeing their falling member, slashing with sword and fire, quickly slaying the fungus and lending aid to there fallen cleric. With a potion of healing Oliver was brought back from the brink of death. The party fearlessly continued on.

Heading into the darkness Oliver lit a candle, giving him some vision, the rest of his party with their orc and elf blood, had no trouble seeing in the darkness. Coming across a rotten meat locker Davgor the orc feasted on foul meat as the rest of the party looked on in disgust. This meat being only suitable for those with harder stomachs. The party then came across what must have been a garbage dump. The smell repelled the hero’s sending them back towards the entrance, remembering another unexplored tunnel they had passed.

A short tunnel revealed an well light room, in it they found a sleeping guard, several empty bottles of wine confirmed the suspicion, with a vigorous shaking the guard tried to stand and speak, but nothing intelligible was coming from this man. He fell and smacked his head, passing back out of conciseness. This room looked like a sleeping courters, and had little of value. The adventurers decided to take the drunken guard with them. Upon approaching the next room which was filled with guards and cultists, Davgor dropped the drunken guard on the ground, and Oliver began to shout, “A drunk guard, what kind of operation are we running here. Has no one noticed we are under attack?” Suspicious of this man no one knew acting like he was in charge, a cultists and several guards went to look into this situation. The party waited for the group sent to investigate to get out of earshot and attacked the remaining guards. It didn’t take long before the investigating guards returned, but enough time for the adventurers to set a trap. Davgor swung his mighty axe as they entered, the cultist in lead ducked in time to save his head. The guards bottlenecked in the doorway decided to back away from this position. At this moment Broski the bold took a bold action indeed. Busting down a door leading to the next room, revealing two seasoned warriors guarding a woman in a dark purple cloak. With Davgor and Broski focusing there efforts on the new threat, the guards who had backed away rushed into the room. Now being attacked from both sides, the fragile cleric Oliver and Aelar sorcerer were exposed. Oliver didn’t last long against a barrage swords cutting him down in seconds. Broski and Davgor saw times were desperate, with the woman in purple using healing magic to aid the veteran guards, they pushed past the veteran guards. Broski and Davgor were able to focus on the woman in purple, whom they had deduced was in charge. Aelar held back the guards coming from behind long enough for the woman in purple to be brought down by Broski and Davgor. Her bodyguards backing away, there desire to fight broken by failing in there only function. This was fortunate indeed for the Adventurers, as had the guards will not been broken, outnumbered and injured, the party would likely have been defeated that day.

With the use of another healing potion, Oliver was brought back to his feet once more. In searching the room, it became clear that this woman in purple was a high ranking member of The Cult of the Dragon By the name of Frulan Mondath. Spread open on one of the tables is a simple map of Greenfields are showing the villages the cult attacked and looted. An arrow is sketched in from the Greenfields toward the west and the town of Beregost on the Trade Way, where the arrow turns north. A separate sheet of paper that is covered with numerals in columns contains a note, “Everything must be freighted north to Naerytar. Rezmir allowed us to keep some pearls, a ring, and a handful of small stones.” Other papers are of less interest; most of them have bad poetry about dragons.

In this search the party found a trapdoor under a rug in the corner of the room, feeling to weak to go on the party decides to leave with the information they have and make camp for the night. Knowing that dragon eggs are not easy to move, they spend the night licking there wounds with intention to come back the next morning.

The night is uneventful, allowing for a full night to rest and recharge for the adventurers. Upon re-entering the cave, it seems nothing has changed. They make there way towards the hidden passage found the night before. Oliver Makes his way down a rope ladder, using his dexterity to silently scout ahead. He discovers a shrine to Tiamat, the five heads carved into the rock of the cave. Standing before the shrine is seven-foot tall blue half dragon. Oliver recognizes this as Landedrosa Cyanwrath from the Battle of Greenest. Oliver comes up with a clever plan. Sneaking back upstairs, he dresses in the purple ceremonial robes of Frulan Mondath. A bit tight fitting and using a disguise kit to attempt to look like Frulan. Heading back down the 30-foot rope ladder, this time making no attempt to be stealthy about it, confident in his disguise. A guard grabs Oliver by the scruff and grabs him as soon as he gets to the bottom. Thrown to the ground Oliver looks up to see the half dragon looming over him. Oliver tries to continue his charade, Landedrosa the right hand to Frulan Mondath and is not fooled by the disguise for a second. Realizing the trouble Oliver has gotten himself into the rest of the party hurry down. Landedrosa instantly recognized Davgor from the dual only two nights back. Landedrosa immediately singled out Davgor and bellows, “You survived! I don’t know whether to be disappointed or pleased. It’s a mix of both, I think”. The two once again meet steel to steel in battle, his guards knowing to stand aside and let the half dragon dual. Landedrosa opened his mouth breathing out a blat of lighting as he did in the Battle of Greenest. Davgor is hurt but unfazed, unwilling to fall to this a second time. Davgor lands a blow to the side of Landedrosa. One that will fell most mortals. Landedrosa however fought on. Going blow for blow Davgor was a much better prepared for this battle then he was the last time. It wasn’t long however till Landedrosa was ready to blast one more time with his lighting breath. Try as he might the electricity scorching through his body, Davgor fell. The adventurers jumped to action, attacking the weakened Landedrosa. Davgor had not defeated Landedrosa in single combat. He had however done enough that it was easy for the party to finish him. Honor far from there minds the remaining three adventurers struck down the half dragon and his guards.

Beneath this huge shrine to Tiamat sat a chest. Oliver didn’t notice a trap lying in wait. As he opened the chest a latch clicked, instantly acid sprayed from tinny holes drilled throughout the room, burning on contact. Aelar dashed out of the room avoiding most of the acid. After the initial spray fumes began to rise, burning the throats of everyone in the room. Davgor and Oliver fell from the deadly fumes. The fumes dissipated quickly, allowing Broski who had been tough enough to withstand the acid to lend aid. Surprisingly Broski the Barbarian had remarkable medical knowledge. Able to stabilize his fallen friends.

This was not for nothing thankfully, the chest contained many precious items that held great value. The room behind the shrine still unexplored, after taking some time to lick there wounds the party trudged on. A few Flying Kobalds remained in the chamber, but were little more then a pest for our now seasoned hero’s. In the back of the cave it became hot and humid. Heading into the darkness the party found a clutch of three dragon eggs. Knowing little about what could or should be done with these dragon eggs, the party decided to take them back to Greenest for now. The hunters outside the cave were happy to part with a cart for gold, allowing the adventurers to head back to Greenest with three huge dragon eggs.

Episode 2: Raiders' Camp
In and out, no funny business

After a well deserved nights rest the hero’s from the Battle of Greenest were summoned to aid the town once again. Davgor stayed behind due to his severe injuries, Yamamoto also chose to stay behind, having seen enough blood to last a lifetime. Three new hero’s stepped forward, happy to join the group who had saved so many in The Battle of Greenest. Oliver Crookshanks, a local cleric, Rinn the Bard, and Aelar Xiloscient the Sorcerer were honoured to lend a hand. Governor Nighthill requested that the Adventurers head out after The Cult of the Dragon. He wants to know where the camp is sited , how many raiders are there, who their leaders are, what ’s motivating these attacks, and where they plan to strike next. Governor Nighthill offered 250 gold to each hero to head out on this mission.

As the party having accepted the mission exited the Keep. They were then approached by Nesim Waladra, a young monk who had a favour to ask. Nesim believes his friend and fellow monk Leosin was taken by the raiders. Leosin had been investigating The Cult of The Dragon for years, and may have invaluable information in the fight against them. The party agrees to keep an eye for Leosin on there journey. The Cult of the Dragon army had left a path behind them from lugging copious amounts of treasure, leaving deep footprints and trampling down the grass over the rolling hills.

The Adventurers had no trouble following the Dragon Cult, eventually coming across a few stragglers who stopped to cook up some chicken. Tharivol stepped forward to talk with the cultists. Tharivol deceived the cultists into believing he was interested in joining there ranks. Tricking them into revealing the location of the main camp and the rearguard that protected them. Having established the trust from the cultists, Tharivol offered to show his recipe for cooking chicken, distracting them for an ambush from the party. Orion who was in hiding decided that it was a good idea to climb a tree. This noisy activity put the cultists on guard, leaving the party with no choice but to attack. Within seconds Broski and Oliver came bursting out of the woods weapons raised. Decapitating two of the cultists. A large party of Kobalds who had taken notice of the confrontation came charging it. Orion uses the power of Ki to cast darkness, causing the Kobads to become confused and scatter, taking them out of the fight for a short time. This however was enough for Tharivol and Aelar to blast the other two cultists with fire and ice dropping them quickly. Seeing there human counterparts fall the Kobalds ran into the woods, hoping to escape a similar fate. A smart move considering Tharivol had pushed himself to far with magic. Pulsating uncontrollably with power, Tharivol called down a fireball upon himself. Realizing what he had done at the last second Tharivol jumped away, avoiding being instantly incinerated at the center of the blast, but not enough avoid terrible burns. Thankfully Rinn was on hand to bring Tharivol back from the brink of death, and able to carry on.

With the precise location of the dangerous rear guard, the party decided to continue to try and continue to deceive the cultists, rather then simply going around. Using a terrible and improbable story, the party was able to bluff there way past another well armed squad of militia due to what could only have been ignorance and incompetent on the part of the rearguard. The party was happy to be lucky rather then good on this occasion.

The party soon found themselves upon a huge camp in a canyon. Tents reaching far back, ending with cliff wall and a inconspicuous cave. Continuing the trend the party continued to act as cultists in order to make there way around the camp with ease, bringing Broski and Orion as mock prisoners, they were able to get close to the prison cages. Once inside the cage it was simple for Broski to make contact with Nesim, the monk they had been hoping to find. The group made a plan to steal some more cultists robes in order to sneak Nesim away in the night. With several hours to kill the party began asking around camp in hopes of discovering the answers the the questions they were to be paid to acquire. The one question no one seemed to know was where The Cult of the Dragon would strike next. It appeared the leaders did not divulge such information to the common militia.

Nesim however did have some hope of discovering where the cult would attack next. He had not been in Greenest during the attack by mistake. Nesim had discovered a pattern and went to Greenest to test his theory. Only the tools he had used to discover the attack were back in Greenest. Nesim was convinced to escape with the party with reluctance. He had been learning so much while being held captive, and was taking pride in his ability to not be broken by the cults ruthless interrogations. Nesim however saw the sense in escaping now for the greater good. When night fell Rinn played an amazing song catching the ears of everyone in the camp. This distraction buying enough time for Nesim and the rest of the adventurers to escape from the camp with the cultists cloaks as a disguise. Allowing escape without drawing any unwanted attention.

The adventurers were able to make it back to Greenest without incident, having caused no alarm at the camp, or so it seemed….

Episode 1: Greenest in Flames
New Beginings

Our hero’s adventure has a meager beginning. A caravan traveling carrying trade goods to Greenest. Off in the distance as Greenest came into view, a dragon is seen flying high above the town. Smoke plumes from the houses, Greenest is in flames. Five reluctant hero’s step forward to lend aid in whatever way they can, knowing that facing a dragon head on would lead to certain death. Yamamoto the Blade, Tharival the Wild, Broski the Bold, Oryan the Quick and Davgor the Decapitator. These brave men stepped forward headed into dangers unknown.

Getting closer to town the party sees distant figures being attacked and cut down by invaders. Upon approach Orion a Wood Elf, with skills in survival due to his past living as an outlander, stealths ahead. Staying well hidden has trouble seeing more then a few paces ahead, stumbles upon bodies at his feet. Clear from the evidence before them, an army of man and beasts is aiding the dragon in the attack on Greenest.

On approach the party notices a woman attempting to defending her family fighting against a dozen Kobalds, small yet ferocious dragon people. Seeing this family in distress the party charged forward, easily dispatching the Kobads. One is kept alive however. With hopes of learning more from the captive. For the moment the Kobad seems to have taken a great blow to the head, leaving him unable to communicate. A medicine check reveals a terrible concussion. The woman Reveals her name to be Linan Swift, and her husband Cuth. They were headed to the Keep in the centre of town with their three young children when they were attacked by the Kobalds. Cuth was badly wounded leaving Linan to take up arms against the Kobalds. The party wants Linan and her family to head back towards the caravan, Linan insists however that the keep is the only safe place to be.

The party takes a slight detour seeing the temple in the distance, perhaps wanting to make confession before the temple is destroyed. Coming across a band of militia trying to break into the church using a battering ram. Tharival stepped forward barking orders at this militia, hoping to pass off as a commander. Tharival unfortunately wasn’t waring the right costume for such an act, leading to a all out brawl. The enemy was great in number, tow cultists in robes, four mercenaries and a large band of Kobalds, with ferocious drakes in tow. Despite being greatly outnumbered Oryan ran bravely into the large group of Kobalds and Drakes. Striking down several before scrumming to blows. Buying valuable time for the rest of the party to deal with the many other foes. Yamamoto’s blade stuck true, cutting down the militia tow at a time. Davgor brought his mighty axe down on the cultists who attempts at magic failed due to Davgor’s willpower. Broski ran to Oryan’s aid, fighting his way to his fallen ally. A hard faught battle ended in victory for the party. There fallen ally saved by a invaluable potion of healing.

Rousing the captive Kobald, interrogation reveals that there are a number of enemies within the city beyond a Kobalds ability to count, and that they are all over the city looting for a great dragon horde

Inside the Church the party found a large group of villagers very thankful for there rescue. A priest of Chauntea, Eadyan Falconmoon approaches thanks the hero’s for their aid. Offerings his healing services. With this new boost the party is revitalized and presses on. Now at the head of a rather large group of villagers, the party attempts to sneak along the river towards the south end of town. With a combination of patients and luck the party manages to sneak the villagers into the keep. Saving over 20 villagers from a terrible fate.

The party is directed to the top of the parapets to meet the Governor. He introduces himself as Tarbaw Nighthill, the elected leader of Greenest. A man of about 60 years and dressed as a noble, and walks with cane. Thankful for there help and impressed with there heroism so far, the Governor asks more help. Smoke has been seen rising from the Mill. The towns grain reserves are stored there, and if destroyed, winter may lead to serious starvation. A Shield Dwarf by the name of Castellen Escobert the Red approaches. A grizzled Dwarf with a bright red beard. He informs the party that there is a hidden tunnel under the keep. It leads to the river, allowing water to be accessed during a siege. It could be used to sneak to the mill, and secure the grain. The party accepts and heads on its way.

Managing to sneak along the riverside the party finds cultists accompanied by a pack of Kobalds using a torch to burn the edges of a stack of thatch. Causing a lot of smoke and not much flame. Oryan silently leaped to the top of mill, where he attempted to drop down on the unsuspecting cultists. With amazing grace Oryan dropped directly onto his behind missing his strike on the cultists. Once on the ground Oryan improvised a sweep kick knocking down the cultist. The rest of the party charged in, with blades raised. Tharval stayed back blasting away with firebolts striking down Kobalds. This attack seemed easy, almost to easy. Upon entering the mill, an ambush struck. Apparently using the smoke to attract the hero’s into a trap. The surprise attack was not enough to overcome the party however. Yamamoto’s blade continued to strike down foes with ease. With the mill secure the party made there way back towards the keep.

When reaching the keep the, party is called to the parapets. A large half-dragon is calling for a champion to meet him in single combat. He has a family hostage, offering to release them in exchange for a worthy challenger. Davgor jumps at the opportunity and rushes down to meet the half-dragon. Davgor’s weapon struck true, but was no match for a rush of lightning released from the half dragons mouth, instantly blasting Davgor unconscious. The family was released, the half-dragon living up to his end of the deal. Davgore’s life was saved due to the quick thinking and actions of his party. His injuries however made continuing the life as an adventurer impossible.

Having looted all the valuables from the village, and seeing the keep as more trouble then it was worth, The army marched off with their newfound plunder in tow.


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