Horde of the Dragon Queen (401)

Episode 5: The Carnath Roadhouse

Roadhouse Rumble

It was a time of madness, the party was split managing the deceased carriage driver, and keeping the civilians in the caravan at bay, while Leafy narrowly avoided what would have been a rather dangerous confrontation with the hooded cultist. Back to the rest of the party as they made to inspect the body of the driver, a smaller group of Dragon Cultist break off and confronted the part, “It was you, you killed our friend!”, they claimed, the group was taken aback by this accusation and responded immediately and dismissively pressuring the cultists to back down and return to their allies. Still confused by the events that just took place and also attempting to solve the murder mystery of the driver, Jamna Gleamsilver, their recent Gnomish acquaintance approached them from the shadows and thanked them for their well timed “distraction”, as realization dawning upon the group they broke into a debate of her allegiances fell, half the group argued to kill her and spare the headache, while the other half spoke of her rare, yet prominent, uses. However Broski took this time to examine the Gnome Assassin and flashed her a quick hand gesture of the Zhentarim which she quickly shot down wishing to maintain her cover, confirming to Broski who she was, at that point he joined the side wishing to keep her around and convinced the group to leave it be for now. Resuming travels, the caravan then completed it’s journey and safely arrived at the grand City of Waterdeep.

Now safe from any immediate threats, the party took this time to to explore the City and take a little time to themselves to unwind from the long journey. Broski’s first and last stop was to the Yawning Portal where he could get hammered, Orion went to go stock up on equipment necessary to actually use his new Longbow along with an order for an all black hooded tunic and pants which the tailor was able to produce for him with minor adjustments, the rest of the party the rest of the group went sightseeing taking in the many attraction of Waterdeep and seeing if they could learn any information that could be valuable to them. Some time in the mid afternoon the party reconvened at the Yawning Portal Inn where Broski was still knocking back drinks like a champ, not even a minute after they sat down, Laeosin the Monk barged in glad to see they were all safe. He had apparently been searching for them during the better part of the day not expecting them to be at the meeting place, but this confused the group because they had not heard of any such meeting due to no one being able to find them earlier. As they waited more allies entered including Ontharr Frume who then introduced them to the faction representatives Laeral Silverhand of the Lords Alliance and Delaan Winterhound of the Emerald Enclave. Discussions began and information was passed along the party learned that the powerful spellcaster that Leafy escaped was a man named Azbara Jos and that he is well renowned in the Dragon Cult. It was also brought to their knowledge that the Dragon Cult has never been this disruptive before, and while they have revived smaller drakes in the past their actions now are unprecedented. Information arose of the Zhentarim, at first they had made it clear that they had not wanted any part of this attack on the Dragon Cult, but had offered their services once they learned of the wealth of the Dragon Cultists and that they had sent an insurgent to scout at this the group, minus Broski, paled at what this implied, putting the pieces together they insinuated that Jahma was that very same insurgent and after much debate and Broski barely keeping his cover, the party begrudgingly agreed that she would be more useful working with them than against them; No sooner had the confirmation escaped their lips Jahma Gleamsilver dropped form the rafters, apparently waiting in hiding. After things settled down a bit Laeral Silverhand stepped forward telling them all that the cultist have continued going even further North and were traveling along the High Road and that they were to follow them at the top of the morning, but for now the group enjoyed a party to celebrate they were food and drinks and a slightly disappointed Davgore who had challenged Ontharr to an arm wrestle and failed to come out victorious.

After a great and well deserved rest in a comfortable bed the group moved out and were back on the road more a few more days. Leafy took the lead on a crusade against birds, joined by Aelar and Broski as they killed as many birds as they had cultists in the few days of travel. Orion seeing his party on their bird hunt decided to step away and converse with Jamna, as he called out for her in a forrest clearing she appeared on a branch overheard Orion, impressed by the level of stealth she showed, asked her to learn as much as she could and report to the group if there were any strange movements within the Dragon Cult, he even offered to compensate her for the trouble and before he knew it she was out of sight, and that his coin pouch was noticeably lighter. Davgore, still feeling down after his loss, felt the need to reassert his dominance over the group by challenging them all to arm wrestles, he came out of the day with a record of 3-1 making quick work of Aelar and Leafy, nearly breaking Orion’s arm and just barely losing to his Orcish brother Broski. The ride ended with few actual encounters as the party had reached their next stop, The Carnath Roadhouse.

The Party entered the roadhouse coming face to face with the Bogluck the caretaker of the establishment he offered rooms for the night and to store any valuables in his storeroom. As the group mingled and recovered from their travels Orion scouted the area on the upper floor seeing all the rooms lined up and Bogluck’s door locked Orion would try to enter as he went attempted to make it out of his own window and onto the roof he accidentally fell out and gave it up rentering from the front door, which no one seemed to notice, while he was doing that however Leafy led the group with his charismatic nature learning that there had been a disturbance in the past couple of nights in the store room and it was keeping him awake. The night went on and the group was soon looking to retire for the night, when a group of individuals they didn’t recognize came from upstairs and approached the group, “you killed our friend”, shouted one of them vaguely resembling an angry monkey, Orion instantly remembered who this man was, for it was the very same Dragon Cultist from the Caravan, but feigned ignorance hoping to that this wouldn’t come down to violence but was soon forced to realize it the hard way as the cultist smacked him across the face, Orion’s training kicked in as he retaliated in kind, however when his assailant drew his curved sword Leafy spurred into action unleashing a devastating clap of thunder to the cultists back up, Orion try as he may was overpowered by the cultist and had fallen unconscious, seeing his friend go down Aelar tapped into his draconic heritage devastated the remaining cultists with a well placed fireball. The confrontation ended for all but leafy as he made to go finish the job on the leader of the their group, however the party stopped him and questioned his Alignments, sadly in the time they spent arguing the leader died of his injuries as leafy made his way to intimidate the remaining cultist survivors, after which he took the body and used a spell to call forth the spirit of the dead man, sadly after all this effort Leafy did not gain any new information as the spirit was vengeful and did not want to give the Tabaxian what he wanted. After a long and rather eventful evening the group finally went to their room and to sleep, however due to his elvish nature Orion woke up around 3 AM and heard the sound of movement beneath him as his thoughts went instantly to the store room, donning his new suit he made his way silently out of the window and saw Bogluck conversing with Lizard folk who were transporting goods from the store room onto a carriage, climbing onto the roof to gain a better vantage point he saw Jamna once more telling him that they were going to leave with the goods and that they should follow, seeing this for himself Orion told him to wake up his party as he jumped onto the carriage. The rest of the party was surprised when they were awoken by a grapple hook smashing through the glass window, dazed and confused they realized one thing very quickly, Orion was no where to be found…


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